Recruitment is an extremely competitive industry. Increasingly complex candidate checking requirements can create compliance risks, be restrictive and delay your ability to supply candidates to your clients. We aim not only to save you the resources and cost involved with registering and vetting your own candidates but to increase your competitive advantage by providing you with the ability to make placements much more quickly and efficiently than before – and most importantly, secure in the knowledge that your candidates are compliant with your industry requirements.

How does it work?

Working with TrustHub is a simple 3 stage process:

  1. You source a candidate you want to represent

  2. You refer them to TrustHub

  3. TrustHub will check their existing candidate base and either:

   Confirm the candidate’s existing registration is compliant with your industry requirements; or

   Register the candidate to your specific industry requirement and provide the result to you as quickly as possible

How long does it take?

We pride ourselves on being the fastest vetting service in the industry. If a candidate is already registered with TrustHub we can confirm their eligibility to work with you within 4 hours of their referral to us. For new candidates, we aim to establish a full registration within 24 hours.

There are some checks with timescales that are outside of TrustHub’s control, for example a DBS can take anything from 2 days upwards to be returned. We will ensure that applications and requests are completed within the strictest timeframes and confirm each stage of these checks with you to keep you informed of completion expectations.