TrustHub Benefits


Highly regulated industries require staff to undergo rigorous registration and vetting checks during the recruitment process. Whilst this is an absolute necessity for safeguarding purposes it slows down recruitment and can be costly for both hirers and workers, particularly those applying for multiple jobs. Critical staff shortages are currently being experienced within vital Public Services including Teaching and Healthcare Professions. Due to the sensitive nature of the roles these staff carry out there are significant requirements when registering and on-boarding new staff, this can stall recruitment and cause gaps in services as well as potentially reduce service quality. Temporary and Contract staff have become hugely relied upon in order to cope with skills shortages but the thorough and time-consuming on-boarding process for bank staff and Agency Workers can delay critical supply. In addition, there is increasing complexity in vetting requirements and it is crucial that hirers trust the vetting and screening that has been carried out satisfies the standards required by the industry – both when carrying out checks for direct recruitment and when hiring via third parties such as Employment Businesses. TrustHub has formed in order to help combat these strains and provide major time and cost saving benefits for hirers and work seekers alike.

TrustHub aims to:

  Assist hirers in ensuring their recruitment processes are compliant with industry requirements

  Assist work seekers by reducing the time taken to register with agencies and potential employers, allowing them access to more of the job market

  Drastically increase the speed of recruitment by building a central pool of staff fully screened and vetted to industry standards that can be utilised by multiple specialist recruitment agencies and direct hirers

Checks Available


  Minimum of two references including current / most recent employer

  References in accordance with sector specific guidance

  Bespoke referencing as required

Criminal Record Checks (DBS)

  Standard, Enhanced and Enhanced with Barred List Checks

  Electronic checking service for immediate application submission

  Average turnaround times:

  • Standard – 3 days

  • Enhanced – 5 to 10 days

  Update Service checks on existing DBS certificates


  Verification of any qualifications required by law

  Verification of any qualifications required by the Hiring Company

Professional Membership

  If required – e.g. General Medical Council

Right to Work

  In line with UK Border Agency Regulation


Financial Credit

Money Laundering


At TrustHub, we recognise the necessity to protect individual’s personal and sensitive data. TrustHub promotes transparency regarding the use of the Personal and Sensitive Data as this is critical both to the success of our mission and to ensure all parties involved can be confident that:

  The principles and the spirit of the Data Protection Act are followed

  Personal and sensitive data are held securely

  Data is only shared in ways that all parties are aware of and have agreed to

We will never:

  Use your data for anything you have not explicitly agreed to

  Use your personal data for any reason other than those outlined in our Data Sharing agreement


For more information regarding our data handling security please contact our administration team using the details in our Contact Us section.